The Oregon Knockout is on hiatus pending space concerns. We hope to bring it back in 2009. Information about that upcoming workshop can be found below.

—Jon and Ted


The next year’s Oregon Knockout will be held in Portland. Given the success of the Macha Monkey workshop in Seattle, we’ve changed the focus of our workshop slightly to try to better serve our area: this year the Knockout will focus on bringing as many of Oregon’s fight folks together as possible. We will also be offering SAFD Skills Proficiency Renewals (SPRs) in up to three weapons.

This year’s Knockout faculty includes:

  1. SAFD Certified Teacher Jonathan Cole

  2. SAFD Certified Teacher Ted deChatelet

  3. SAFD Certified Teacher Robert Hamilton

and Portland area fight gurus and all-around amazing guys:

  1. Kendall Wells

  2. John Armour

Because we’ve cut down significantly on our overhead costs, costs for the next Knockout will be much lower than in the past. Details will be announced very soon, so please check back regularly.

If you’d like to take a look at pics from the 2006 Knockout, please check our Media page.

Photo credits (All photos by Kelly Balch)

  1. Swordplay: RA Assistant Instructor Adam Saucy teaches a Rapier & Dagger class

  2. Gunplay: SAFD Fight Director Geoffrey Kent coaches actors in a gun battle.

  3. FIshhook: George Bellah gives John Lynch a whoopin’ to remember in SAFD Certified Teacher Bob Borwick’s Unarmed Renewal class.

Oregon Knockout hiatus

The Knockout is the Pacific NW’s only SAFD sanctioned workshop. Come and get a taste of the best training in our region!